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  Hotel Operational Benchmarking Hotel, Market & Fare  

Our expertise is offered to set optimum operational standards within the available resources. The profit and loss benchmarking on month to month basis leads to maximized returns. Consider the benefits if you could easily access a range of objective performance analyses and management information reports – the critical data that helps you pinpoint operational strengths and weaknesses, these when compared with your performance against competitors and identify trends in the market leading to improved profitability.

This is the principle behind what we do for you with our hotel operational Benchmarking. We want to separate you briefly from your focus on your operation – and give you the opportunity to rise above it and gain a different, much more objective viewpoint. We want you to take a look from an unfamiliar perspective.

How we do it
We take actual and highly detailed revenues and costs performance data from your operation and compare it to that of a selected basket of your competitor hotels – or even hotels that are highly similar to yours in their mix of facilities.

The comparison analysis shows you the gap – if any – that exists between your performance and that of the competitor set across literally hundreds of different measures of the hotel operation. This encompasses revenues, costs, overheads and profits.

With our team of selected experts and vastly experienced hotel professionals and advisors, we can explore these performance gaps and quantify them.

This exercise will tell you about a wide range of performance issues, and at the same time achieve some widely different but definable outcomes:

  • Shows you the areas in which you outperform your competitors or the areas of opportunity in your operation – even where your internal reporting offers a different view.
  • Allows you to monitor the impact of your management actions and to see whether they have given you a competitive advantage.