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  Hotel Portfolio Review Service  

We possess the necessary experience in place to carry out detailed analytical studies of all the properties run under a brand, its various departments, their functioning style for previous three years. Intra portfolio studies & analysis are also carried out to ascertain the future prospects & feasibility of each property in a Collective & Unit format. Strengths and weakness and profitability data on potential parameters is then generated, forming the basis of our recommendations.

Typically we are employed by acquiring parties, either directly or through their funders (banks/financial institutions) to review existing portfolios and their performance during the current difficult trading environment. Our reviews enable banks/property owners to quickly decide what action to take, be it refurbishment, growth, disposal or hold.

How we do it
Using our industry and market knowledge, we will assess management’s current projections or develop our own forecasts independently. We undertake this on a detailed case by-case basis and on a line-by-line basis through the entire revenue cost and profit indicators.

Not only can we benchmark the top line occupancy, rate and revpar forecasts against local market competitors, but we also draw on analysis to provide us with samples of hotels with similar facility and operating profiles on a national basis. It just makes sense to compare like with.

These exercises are almost always time critical, either because there’s a deal deadline or because there’s a banks funding deadline. The immediate availability of the comparative data, combined with the fact that it is our data to manipulate (rather than having to rely on third parties from whom to source it as other advisors would have to) means that we can deliver detailed output quickly.

Our research and statistical database has been specifically developed to allow for the utmost flexibility recognising that there is immense diversity in markets and products and that the key to analysing forecasts is the ability to comment from a basis of knowledge.